Digital created an existential crisis for many book lovers early on. What was a book, if not paper and ink bound together? Before the advent of e-books, Jean imagined a new kind of digital book that did not try to replicate paper. She created Books Unbound, a forward-looking animation that demonstrated what such a book might be like. January 2006 Horn Book Magazine debuted Books Unbound on their website and published her first article advocating a new kind of digital literature, “Lift-Off: When Books Leave the Page.” Leonard Marcus included Books Unbound to “represent one future of picture books” in an exhibition of children’s book art which traveled across the country from 2007-2009. Since then, Jean has spoken, written, and been interviewed for numerous articles about her concept for these “brave new books.” Here are some of those thoughts about the changing nature of books, along with the animation Books Unbound.